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Super Foam-erator or Bubble Snakes


Ok, so it’s school holidays and I’m at home with my kids…but this activity is awesome for anyone who has their own, baby sits, cares for, works with or stumbles into random kid parties! The things I like best about it are the lack of funds needed to create it, the recycling element and that it uses FAR less bubble liquid than if I let my crew run around blowing traditional bubbles 🙂

For the record, I stole the idea from Betz White and her awesome blog

Step one. Cut the bases off some plastic drink bottles.

Rinse bottles and throw out lids (unless you have younger kids and then use pop tops

to minimise inhaling and maximise output)

Step two. Find an old tea towel to cut up, or recommission some washers/flannels.

The aim is that they fit around the base of the bottle (cut side) with more going up the sides.

Step three. Dampen material and attach pieces to bottles with rubber bands

(or in my case, hair ties)

Step four. Find a bowl, container or deep lid that’s about the same

size as your washer-covered end. Add a tiny amount of bubble solution.

Step five. Take it outside or to the bath tub and Blow!

And blow some more!

(this activity is so exciting, that my Autistic son came flying off his swing to join us!)

Actually, this activity was so exciting, I had to have a go!


With practice you can get long snakes, bubble towers and create patterns.

Or you could take the cue of my youngest and smoosh them all into the workspace,

before grabbing a frying pan and egg flip to capture them with!

Told you it was cool! Bet you really want to try it now!