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Sound and Reason

I recently came across this quote, but I’m not sure where it originates from….Kids need to hear it AND see it AND do it if you really want them to learn it. When looking at sound and noises, it’s hard to separate sound from noises. So we incorporated the two together!

I’ve been telling the ‘draw and tell’ of Bibbles the dog for a long time, since I’d seen how positively the kids reacted to it when I first saw a colleague do it! We extended on the echoes and interest in this story, by re-telling the story of Katie and The Giant, but with a more Australian twist and echoing across the mountains/over our fences “Stop throwing stones! You could hurt me!” The kids really love being noisy, and I love how well it can be a positive part of story telling 🙂

The flip side of those group times, are these. The quietest group times around. Here’s my fantastic colleague teaching the kids how to listen for the beeps, so they know how to turn the pages at the listening post. Serious silence in the room – it was kind of spooky actually!

As a hands on ears on activity, we tried to find new ways to hear. This is us testing out echoes and how loud our voices can sound when we whisper! As long as our ears are in past the rim (and no body parts have crept in) you get a great sound. I could have kept my head down there with these kids for ages!

The kids tried tapping sticks to see what sort of sound they got – interesting experiment really! IT also showed us the limitations of our courage as they tried to lean in to pick it up off the floor. The distance was greater than they could reach, but bending over half way into the tunnel was a brave feat!

We even set one up in the yard to see how it worked outside! While our sounds were trapped in the tunnel, the tunnel also worked to block off sounds from the yard.

Of course what would Kindy be if there wasn’t some noise! Like these vesuvelas and paper tubes enriching our singing?

Or creating a fantastic honking sound!

It seems that seeing really is believing!

And as we all know, when one good idea takes hold, spreading the word is quick and easy…

After all, what’s the point of being able to hear, is we aren’t really able to communicate!