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Snakes in the Room!

We’ve been using these scooter board on flat ground for a while, but were limited to the cement areas as the carpet and astro turf really slowed them down. Once we added the ramp and a some teacher muscle, the kids immediately renewed their interest!

We’ve been enjoying the ramp and roll so I thought I’d take advantage of this interest and introduce some maths concepts into our play.

As the kid rolled down I marked their end point with chalk. They were so excited to see their names and places. Most of them repeated the roll, altering their hold or improving their grip to see where they ended up on the chart 🙂

We found that each child could change where they would finish, but not accurately predict whether they would end up from their body positions.

Oh, and after we’d finished it was really cute to see some of the other children move in with dustpan and brushes to try to clean off the chalk!

As a side note, introducing the Boa Constrictor song, that I mentioned yesterday, was hugely popular 🙂 The song and actions were picked up quickly. I realised that ‘middle’ was a foreign concept for them, as was a ‘boa constrictor’! So I stopped what I was doing and started again. This time with a feather boa from the dress up box. Slinking it in front of and on top of the kids like a snake.

Then for the safety lesson. Talking about how this type of snake wraps itself around the animal’s neck to stop them breathing. This is constriction and why we don’t wrap things around our friends, or our own, necks.

Then on to the fun part! Having our ‘boa constrictor’ nibble on our toes and all the way up to our heads 🙂

Because the kids were singing the song spontaneously during the day, I introduced a sleeve puppet snake and began a simpler, more interactive group time and chasey play.

When you ‘threaten’ the children with being ‘eaten’, it’s the giggles that let you know their sense of humour, imagination and cognitive skills are happily on track 🙂