teaching to learn, means learning to teach

Still Kicking :)

It’s been a horrible time here for my internet. all sorts of drop-outs and issues, but (fingers crossed) it all appears to be back on track! Which means I can continue to post up stories that have impacted on me during the day.

Whilst I’ve been unable to update this blog, I’ve read as many others as I can and gaining inspiration for activities but also intelligence on what I want my writing to reflect.

Yes I want to maintain a record of my moments. Share with you things that I connect with. Now I realise that I want to be more than a blog of ‘look what I can do’ and more about ‘look how we got here’ Lots of my art things have been teacher led. Lots of interactions have been spontaneous and lots of my day is filled with moments that open up opportunities to extend on the children’s interests. I’m hoping among all these things you’ll discover what I love, what the kids love and the learning that is involved without me having to point out literacy, numeracy or motor skills (though I’ll still tag them).

Anyhow, yesterdays story was a prime example of what I want to do. There are some photos, but they are still at work. So I shall update that as soon as I can đŸ™‚



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