teaching to learn, means learning to teach

New Spaces!

We’ve made some changes and boy does it feel good! We moved our tables outside, meaning meals are al fresco and instead of focusing on table activities we can now create play spaces that are geared more to the group play that our children seem to love 🙂

We rethought the whole room and kept what was working and opened up new areas to expand on play we’d seen that couldn’t be fulfilled.

Like our block area. Now more enclosed, with less traffic, means the children who love to build can do so without the accidental knock overs or frequent visits of the ‘touchy’ curious 🙂

To embrace our caring side and open up a doctors office!

Room to explore technology in small groups without crowds pressing in on us.

Room and Time to work on individual art pieces – whether that be at our new and evolving ‘Making Station’ or at the consistently used drawing table.

Not to mention creating opportunities to follow our ideas and connect with our friends in play!

But most of all, leaves us with room to grow into our skills and our abilities by being ourselves, to become curious and competent learners, to belong to a community of peers and educators who help us understand the world we live in and last but not least, time to cherish the friendships we make.



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