teaching to learn, means learning to teach

A drop in the pond

My aim when creating this blog, was to write in it five days of the week. To keep thinking and revising and learning from each day that I work with kids. I wanted to share what I was learning and be able to look back on activities to see what I could do better.

However these last couple of weeks I have let that slip. I have been inundated with fantastic opportunities to dress up and enjoy playing at being some one else! It’s times like this that I find myself remembering how important role play is to connecting what we have experienced and have seen into actual learning and understanding!

But that’s not what I was planning on talking about!

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been covering shifts in the babies room. I’m finding it inspiring. To spend time with these little ones whose main form of communication is non-verbal. Who rely on us to understand what it is they are trying to tell us. Lots of this knowledge comes from time spent with each individual baby, getting to know their cries and gurgles, understanding their limits and strengths. Personalities are evident from  such an early age, each with their own quirks and interests. I love it!

Being with the babies has made me notice lots of the smaller details in communication. Things that might normally be covered up by the loud noises or mannerisms of boisterous kindy kids 🙂 Watching two little babies reach out with their toes, showing interest in each other is like magic! The excited thumping of hands as they respond to toys that make noise or move. A cheeky smile as they look up to you or working a smile out of a wee little baby, using a quiet voice and eye contact.

It has me asking, how much am I missing in my own room? I know that I try to ensure that I spend quality time with the quiet ones in my class, to not let the chatterboxes take all my brain space. I am missing my kindy kids and am truly looking forward to getting back in, but for now, I’m going to enjoy what the babies have to offer and revel in the cuddles and the intimate moments 🙂


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