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Nature and Nurture

For the next fortnight our Centre is hosting a ‘Living Eggs’  experience. We were given a humidifier with eggs in it, all of which should hatch in 3 days and we get to keep them, watching them grow, learning about gentle hands and connecting with our natural world.

At the end of the fortnight, families get to take them home and raise their own family of chickens – although we usually have such a high demand, that people end up taking home a pair of them.

Last year, one of the staff took home a couple and raised them. She was lucky to get two fantastic laying hens. And we are lucky cause she can bring them in to work with her occasionally and share them with the kids!

The kids were quick to visit the chickens and try to make friends with them 🙂

Feeling brave, we pulled out a chicken for the children to pat and then let them go for a wander around the yard. The kids thought this was amazing and many were happy to run around and let the chickens chase them, while others tried to entice the chickens to come closer!

It takes craftiness and forethought to approach a chicken at the best of times – in a yard filled with noisy, moving kids, I’d consider it close to impossible!

Of course, one of the things I love about kids, is that Nothing is Impossible, Implausible or even Unimaginable!

Now let’s go chase our own chickens!


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