teaching to learn, means learning to teach



There are not enough photos or words to describe the ways in which child care workers and children communicate. From the first moment when your baby reaches out its eyes for your face to that desperate search for its first feed, each and every one of us finds ways to communicate our need for connection and getting what we need. I love seeing the little babies stretching out their toes or their legs towards another baby, telling them they are interested and want to know more about you. I love seeing our girls down on the floor, making communication fun and engaging.

I love seeing children and staff enjoying one on one time, working together to reach goals or sharing a moment that could make the child anxious, but because our staff are their , they feel confident and supported.

I love it when I catch children communicating their enjoyment and ideas through play. When they are left to their own devices, we can see so much learning going on in incidents like this!

Of course our smiles can light up a room and tell everyone how happy we are, how proud of an achievement, how glad we are that someone or something we love is nearby.

That same face can quickly contort to express a range of emotions as well as communicate our intense concentration, interest, thinking or frustrations.

So whatever their bodies and faces are telling us, let’s just hope we are listening enough to understand it!


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