teaching to learn, means learning to teach

This cute little link shows you what’s going on with Education from an America vs the World kinda view. And boy, they don’t seem to be doing so well. Mind you, the person who put it together didn’t even include Australia, so I’m not sure how we stand.

Many people ask me why I want to be a child care worker and not a teacher, or a special ed teacher. I know they both pay heaps better, but that’s not why I do the job I do. I want to help these kids find their way into learning and being socially adept people.I want to help identify children with additional needs before they get lost in the mainstream of schools, and lose their will to learn as they battle with peers, reading or life in general.

As much as teachers have studied to get their degrees, the number of hours they can put into individually attending to the children in their class is not high. They are limited in what they can do to encourage the variety of learners to pick up on the same concepts.

As parents, we all love our kids and find them fascinating, endearing and endlessly clever. But in the big bad world of tests and grades, they might suffer through shyness or poor eyesight or hearing. The kids might be struggling with what’s making them feel different or out-of-place, when all around them are kids playing together, seeming to easily fall into groups and games. If the parents can recognise that their kid needs a little bit more help in the outside world, then they can help their child reach a higher potential than if we left them ‘well enough alone’.

So sure, listen to your teachers, stand up and tell your gp what you want your kids to be tested for, but remember that it may have been the humble child care provider, who fretted and worked with their peers, who then screwed up their courage and addressed their concerns with you. Hoping that between the both of you and your local GP or Child and Youth Health, you could start looking at ways to help your child reach their potential.

/end rant.



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