teaching to learn, means learning to teach

Maths in action


As we near the end of the month (and the end of my holiday!) I thought I’d catch you up on some of the great activities the kids have been doing. Maths Concepts is such a great monthly theme, it opens up so many opportunities and discussions during play!

Like this dial board. A variety of circles connected to a large board with split pins. shapes are decorating the dials and the children spin them, finding differences in speed that relate to size!

Admittedly, this was done in the next classroom as they explored shapes, but it’s worth including as a great activity! Recognising rectangles, getting sensory feedback about high and low, in and out, not to mention the shapes and counting and stacking and colour mixing that’s going on!

Cooking! One of my all time favourite (and yet seriously under used at child care) things to do! Mixing, measuring, watching dry and wet mix to create a new texture. Seeing colours change and making something you can eat!

Maths and  Literacy are important to our everyday lifestyles, therefore important for our kid to learn. But it’s not like we have to actively teach this stuff. It comes from the interactions and importance we place on it. How we share it with our kids. From writing shopping lists to asking for help picking a certain number of things. So let the everyday learning happen every day!


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