teaching to learn, means learning to teach

As I start to write this, I have to wonder if this will be a post that has any photos in it. I don’t’ have any from the excursion we went to today (not yet anyway) but that’s not what I wanted to focus on.  We had a great time, dancing and clapping, chasing bubbles, laughing at a clown, being enthralled by a baby puppet who sang and generally enjoying being there, being a kid and being part of all this fun! I watched as the children were asked to come on down and join in the show, some enthusiastically, some cautiously and others only when led or invited in. Our staff moved in as the kids did. It was a general admittance, so there were a variety of families and generations there. What surprised me, though I suppose it shouldn’t, was that the parents who did get off their seats and come down to the floor with the kids, did so with their cameras. I know how important it is to share moments with our kids, our families our friends and our fellow  facebookers 🙂 I just see that so many of those parents were capturing moments but not creating them. Recording memories, instead of being part of them.

Now I’m not perfect, I’ve been known to take the odd photo or two (hundred) of my kids. It’s something I’ve become more aware of as I’ve being taking more photos of our day at child care, how much is too much? So the photos we take aren’t perfectly framed or capture a funny face instead of a charming grin. I refuse to be held down by the joking cliché “photos or it didn’t happen!”. I want to remember how it felt to dance with my kids (biological or in my care), how our laughs sounded as we saw the clown ride his bike upside down, I want the touch of furry material to remind me of the day we met a Giant Panda and he gave us a Hi-5. These things can’t be captured by film but hold more meaning to our kids and relationships than what we give credit for. I still smell a particular brand of aftershave and am taken back to a teenage boyfriend, I have no photos of him, but that smell drags up images of him from the recesses of my brain.

So there you have it. No pictures in today’s post, not on purpose, but that’s ok. Because even though there are no photos, we still know it happened 🙂


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