teaching to learn, means learning to teach

Magnifing Times

At one point I’d bought a little bug inspection kit. A container with three tubs on top with magnifying lids, tweezers and a small magnifying glass. My kids explored it and then passed it over. As my kids know, anything that is not looked after or left lying around quickly makes it into a bag destined for the op shops or school! Anything that can be reused or refashioned will get an overhaul, but we are not hoarding toys and knick knacks that are uncared for!

So these magnifying lenses had made it as far as my handbag….intending to go to school, but just hanging out invisibly on the bottom of my bag 🙂

As I was about to leave work the other night, a few of the remaining kids noticed ants coming out of the skirting board. Now whether these are regular ants or termites, I don’t know, but the opportunity was there to extend the kids interest as well as get the lenses out of my bag!

At first the boys tried to catch the ants under the lens to see it. But after a bit of practice they could zoom in and out to change their view 🙂 Once they got it, the only limitation was the space. Three boys just couldn’t’ squeeze in tight enough! But that’s OK, because the room had lots more to explore through these ‘new eyes’!

Personally, I love lenses. Magnifying glasses, reading glasses, binoculars or a kaleidoscope! I remember being at a seminar on learning environments and hearing a woman talk about how she had placed binoculars by the windows for the kids to look out and see what was in the park next door to them. I thought it sounded fantastic, but my classroom had frosted windows to reduce the Queensland summers heat. Now I have clear windows again and a view of trucks, buses and cars going past….but that’s not going to stop me from sourcing out some binoculars for my windows! I figure a hook to hang them off will entice the kids to keep them there and have them always accessible. Yet another item for my wish list, but it’s a worthy one!


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