teaching to learn, means learning to teach

Circles are cool! It’s one of the first shapes that kids can master. They’re great for drawing faces and figures, they create the base of many letters, they look pretty and help us enclose things. HAve you noted how children like to enclose things? Creating a space for themself to work on, putting all their toys into a bag, basket or pocket. Enclosing things links to a sense of ownership and appreciation. “It’s mine!” or “It’s mine, for now!”

When we spin in circles, we get dizzy. When we follow circles, we end up where we started. When we draw circles, we need to make the ends join.

These children were invited to help make circles. To mark their progress and join up the ends. Alternatively, they could walk around and around trying to make the circles join, but seeing that their progress fluctuates and try to alter their path to make ends meet.

We used hoops from the “Outdoor Twister” game, tying ribbon to them and tying that to side-walk chalk. The exercise would be better off being repeated with those little, wetsuit, icy pole covers you can buy from Coles (or make yourself from old stubby holders) as they would give more support to the chalk, meaning less breakages.

However, it drew interest and experimentation in its short lived state. Preparation time was next to nothing and could easily be repeated and set up by the kids.

The end results were pretty and I’d love to try this with wet chalk or water paints 🙂

Also, the children showed me a new use for our rings! We’ve always loved our doggy role play around here and today bought in a new adventure, collars! I’ve been wary of the children tying things around their necks, but the hoops are a great size for fitting heads through and escaping from easily. They also won’t bend or tighten to a choking point and make both sides of the dog walking party aware of their limits!

Some dogs like to run and jump,

while others prefer to sit and behave:)

Either way, it’s nice to see the kids respecting the authority they have as the “owner” as well as being able to be led. No one likes a leash to be pulled on  or dragged somewhere. Having people listen to us and use their intuition on our motives and directions is wonderful. But most of all, we just want to get there together 🙂


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