teaching to learn, means learning to teach

Welcome to July and our new program “Maths Concepts”  We already started with our tall paintings, which look great hanging from the wall with their towers still on 🙂

Especially the one that was lucky enough to have a ball roll over it during it’s weekend of drying time 🙂

Opening up our minds to height, weight, length and numerical concepts has allowed us to be quite free with play areas. It’s great to get down and build towers again as we explore directionality, balance and space.

So I put some paper up on the adjoining wall to trace and measure our blocks on. Besides exploring size concepts in a tangible way, I’m hoping this will also help with packing away safely, as they connect the shapes on the block trolley with where the blocks are meant to go!

As another exploratory area in the room, we’ve also added a gravity see saw. OK, I just made that name up, but it kinda works! Basically it’s two long tubes and the stand from a glass coffee table. I’ve filled the tubes with marbles and sealed them in (after a trial run without sealing them and having to chase marbles everywhere) with plastic cups and sticky tape. Adding some loopy screws and elastic has supported the tubes to stay in place and not be lifted up, which lowers their damage potential .

I’m hoping this in one of the areas that engages the kids and teaches them to look out for patterns – the marbles always come out in a different order. I’m hoping it teaches them to work together and express their explorations. I’m hoping this makes them question and think. But most of all I’m hoping it lasts and doesn’t break in the first week!


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