teaching to learn, means learning to teach

We all try to make sense of  our world. I come home each day to hear the stories that my kids bring home from school, whether that be about friends, teachers, tests or things that they’ve encountered. My partner fills me in on all the world news he’s gathered from the internet for the day, then helps me to break it down into manageable chunks of information that we can possibly connect like pieces of a puzzle.

At school, I’m seeing the same thought processes being acted out as the kids play and run and chase and get up to giddy kiddy fun.

Like just how are we meant to chase the ‘Australian Dream’ if the world economy if floating around, falling and popping or flying over our heads, like bubbles on a breeze?

What efforts can we make each day to clean up our environment and ensure we aren’t adding to the mess? What subjects are we sweeping under the rug? What news items are being swept away from our visions and understanding?

If we make silly faces and the wind changes direction, will our faces really be stuck like that forever?

So many conspiracy theories of our recent past have risen to a level of general assumption that they’re the truth. Some conspiracy theories have proven themselves to be valid (like JFK’s assassination) while others are still awaiting scientific evidence to back them up (faked moon landings anyone?) When did we stop looking for answers to opinions instead of just accepting every piece of information the media that we read, watch or hear?

With each turned page this child’s interest was reignited. It wasn’t a story or an informational book about colour and numbers. It was a book of puzzle and game boards. He spent his time tracing pathways and matching steps, following patterns and coming to conclusions.

Years ago the first group of people started working on electronic toys, computers and machines that could interact with us. Today their groundbreaking inventions and mind-boggling systematic thinking styles have been surpassed by the newest apps on phones, upgrades for computers and expecting things to work at the touch of a button (or screen!). I hope that there are still people out there that understand the creative systems behind computers and their ilk, because I for one am not among them. Seeing the intense interest in patterns gives me hope that there will be further understanding and positive development and recycling in the next stage of our computer age.

Sturdy balance boards are like people sized scales. How can we make this go in the direction we want o? How hard will we crash if one side hops off quickly? Can one person walk the length without upsetting the other two? Can one person work this alone?

Life is a series of checks and balances. We all experience fantastic highs and lows that have us curled up in beds with tears streaming down our faces. Many things offer us our strong foundations; family, friends, faith, social groups, self esteem and belonging to the world around us. We can rely too heavily on others for our own happiness, be too ready to pass the blame or dismiss responsibility for events, actions or consequences. Sometimes we need help to bridge gaps and reach goals, other times it’s important to reach goals by ourselves. Sure it’s hard work, but the result can be exhilarating!

From a large box of blocks that  make animals, cars, buildings and more, this selection of blue wheels meant something to him. I’m not sure why he chose blue, or only wheels, but I know that the process and the sorting and the counting made both him and me happy.

And you know that’s what I want for people everywhere. I want people to feel the freedom to make a choice and not be ridiculed for it. I want everyone to feel a sense of satisfaction from their actions. I would love to see people enjoy their collections of teapots, bells, stamps, stones, shoes or magnets without guilty associations. I would love for everyone to have a moment of quiet contemplation to tally up their deeds for the day and hold them close to their hearts.


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