teaching to learn, means learning to teach

This is your life!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is also the key moment when your heart skips a beat and you wait anxiously to see how other people see you. A telling example of your skills and abilities.

Today we had some cute little moments that made me pause so that I could use my everyday audience to do my reflective practice for me. It was almost as nerve-wracking as Accreditation!

Here you see the group crowded around their ‘teacher’. There was story telling and asking for input from the ‘class’, she pointed out parts of the story and told the girls what book she would read next. I was so proud of her – and me πŸ™‚

What I didn’t realise until after I’d taken the photo, and lightly distracted the class as the flash went off and they felt the need to turn and smile, was what was happening in the background.

Can you see how 3 girls up the line the other girls are facing the other way? That’s because there is ANOTHER ‘teacher’ up there telling more stories! She was even heard to ask the girls which group they were in πŸ™‚

I love it when kids play ‘teacher’, holding court in front of their peers or toys, emulating group times and remembering key stories or songs. It was as I was thinking of this that I realised that this play is how I played at being a teacher, but surely I was more than the person that held the book? And you know what, I am! πŸ™‚

I’m the person who taught them to sing ‘Ring a Ring of Rosies’ whilst holding hands and dancing in a circle.

They’re the ones emulating the same song whilst holding two dolls together at the hands.

I’m the person who showed them that sand can be about big holes, patted mounds and tracks in the dirt.

They’re the ones who create stories and jobs for their friends and trucks.

I’m the one who made them feel special as we sang for their birthday.

They’re the ones who come to me in the sandpit with cakes, songs and gifts of food.

I’m the one who offers hugs when they’re sad, help when they fall and advice when they struggle.

They’re the ones who reach out to their friends, who greet me with hugs and who want to help each other.

I’m the one who gets paid to spend my days teaching, playing, interacting, resolving and distracting.

They’re the ones who make it all worth while πŸ™‚


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  1. Dee feels that way too!
    : )

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