teaching to learn, means learning to teach

Oh guess what I just found?

At the bottom of this page is a ‘like’ button.In fact on the bottom of every post is a ‘like’ button! So for those of you who are happy to read my ramblings, but not really in the mindset to reply, you can just click the ‘like’ button so that I know what makes you tick click.

This is a blog for me as well as for sharing, it’s about me and the wonderful other out there who make up the world wide community of teachers and carers and ultimately to remind me of all the wonderful things that happen in the everyday. If I know that you are looking more at the things I say on a particular subject, then I’m happy to share my ideas and talents more on those subjects. Chances are, that you’ll still end up with the hodge podge of ‘cathyisms’!



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