teaching to learn, means learning to teach

Overall, I think child care workers end up with a kick ass immune system. Sure, when you first  start you might be laid flat with every bug that goes around the centre, but after that, you find yourself shrugging off the colds and flu’s that see our counterparts curled up in bed. However, one thing that does get me, at least once a year, is losing my voice. Today I spent a bewildered day at school, watching the girls hype themselves up, seeing mood swings as children tried to get their points across and experienced the role reversal of letting other staff deal with prevention, conflict resolution and redirection. It wasn’t until the end of the day that I realised how much my voice alters the feel of our room! All the little group interactions were there, but I couldn’t narrate the stories for the other children to help them understand their peers point of view. I was able to share activities with larger groups who chose to attend, but not engage those others who were on the peripheral.

Communication hey?….more than just catch phrase for phone companies!

It’s how we express and make sense of our ideas, our joy and our world.

Without words we can still convey interest, experimentation, appreciation, frustration and acceptance. It’s the words however, that put meaning to those actions for other people.

They say that communication is a two-way street, to be more than just heard but to be listened to. It’s one of the hardest things people deal with. Trying to understand what is going on, why someone would do or say something and move on.

In Kindy, we are learning that communicating and working together is a positive thing. That your opinion is valid, as is those around you. That is you talk about what you are doing and what you expect to happen next, then chances are that someone will be able to help you.

That even though we are part of a team, individual achievements are hugely satisfying and deserved to be shared and celebrated.

Most of we will be on a continuous learning curve of how others communicate and how to interpret what is being said. But really, I just want them to grow up to be confident in themselves, their abilities, their ideas and to hold the thought that those who love us, love us because we are who we are. So make your noise and make it clear 🙂

Peace out, yo!


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