teaching to learn, means learning to teach

There is so much beauty in our world, from natural scenes to the intricate workings of machinery. They say that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, which I used to consider an altruistic expression of the ‘each to their own’ variety, but lately have been swaying to the idea that it’s a way of dismissing another’s opinion of what’s important to them. I’m still sorting that one out and trying not to let the cynicism in!

After all my enthusiasm for yesterday, I was worried that it was My enthusiasm that drove the kids to see the beauty and validity of our little Jungle (the kids retitled it from Forest today!) So today I made a point in trying to see what the kids found beautiful, what drove them to call to connect with me or to be so engrossed in something that they didn’t even notice me passing 🙂

Beauty is creating something that pleases you because of colours and texture, the impression that the completed piece gives you.

Beauty is piecing your world together, knowing that there is value in what you feel is important…like transformers.

Beauty is taking the time so see things in new ways. To pause and look through ‘rose coloured glasses’.

The real Beauty is in sharing that insight with friends!

Real Beauty comes with experiencing new things with friends. Sharing a goal, a destination and a space together.

Yet, beauty also comes from discovering things on your own. The pleasure it can give you to take those first steps and realise you are on the right track is so very rewarding.

Beauty in movement is essential to the joy we derive from it. Plus, everyone prefers to have room to swing the proverbial cat devil monkey 🙂

Sometimes with all the negative talk around leaving a carbon footprint, we forget how beautiful it is to make prints in the sand.

Any scientist, mechanic or geek (and I use this term with affection, as it perfectly describes my man) the beauty is not always in the finished product, but in figuring out how things work, what’s inside and how you can improve on it!

Imagination is one of the most profoundly beautiful things around. Using these images to create opportunities to connect with other people – or astronauts, as the case may be – that is an immeasurable quality!

The kindness shown to strangers, animals, the elderly and the young warms my heart and makes me smile. If that isn’t beautiful, then what is?

All in all. If it’s an object, occasion, interaction or thought that makes you smile, then there is a profound amount of beauty to be seen in it!


Comments on: "Stopping to smell the roses." (1)

  1. Looking at the world through the eyes of a child certainly does help you see the beauty that surrounds you, that we usually forget to see 🙂

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