teaching to learn, means learning to teach

As a woman, a mother of four, a full-time employee and partner to an artistic inventor I find nothing more relaxing than sitting back and having my face primed and made up. Unfortunately, as a woman, a mother of four, a full-time employee and partner to an artistic inventor I rarely make the time! I’m usually the first to volunteer when the kids want to face paint someone else or when someone wants to play hairdresser 😉 So today we took the children’s interest into that same space. The place where you can focus on yourself, the sensations running through your skin, the look of your features in a mirror, the appreciation of new colours against your skin tone…

Where all the painting you’ve done on paper becomes an integrated sensory and artistic endeavour.

One thing that stops kids in their tracks, almost infallibly, is being allowed to play dress ups with Mum’s clothes and make up or getting access to Dad’s shed. There is no way I am ready to break out the power tools with under 5’s, just yet!

I dragged in my box of eye shadows and blushes, cotton tips and nail polish. A wonderful friend gave me her supply of AVON trial lipsticks, which are perfect for a group of children! Who couldn’t believe their luck when they were told that they got to keep the lipstick, to take it home for Mummy or Nana. This was probably the highlight of the day for most of them!

Now, I couldn’t have an ensemble of kids all dressed up with no place to go! That’s just doesn’t seem fair, no matter what age you are 🙂 So we made microphones and went outside for some singing and dancing. 

It turned into an impromptu show for the Koala group in the next yard and the interactions between the two groups was beautiful to watch. It takes real confidence for adults to slap on some make up, dance up a storm and feel confident enough to sing in front of a crowd, but these kids don’t know that 🙂

They think they are having fun and have not yet felt the pressures of social conformation, of hurt or ridicule for trying things outside the realm of ‘normal’. They are young and fresh and the face of our future. Let’s hope that they can lead the way to a world that is tolerant, accepting and inclusive.


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